Jose Baez

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Company: The Baez Law Firm
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Coral Gables, Florida 33134
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Edward Herdrich

The one common denominator when you look at the biggest high profile cases in America is attorney Jose Baez. Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman (Baez represented the lead Detective) Gary Giordano (Missing in Aruba case), the Dark Knight Theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado (Baez represented the victims) and Katelyn Roman (Cyber bullying case); these are just a few of the cases that he has been involved with.

While he is best known for shocking the world as the lead defense attorney in the Casey Anthony case, Baez has also represented many victims in civil cases. Like the shootings in Aurora, Colorado and most recently the Hialeah, Florida shooting massacre. The L.A. Times has called Baez "one of the most sought after defense attorneys in the country." He is also a highly sought after legal analyst and speaker as he has been asked to lecture across the United States and in five different countries. Jose Baez is also a faculty member at Harvard Law School where he teaches 2nd and 3rd year law students the interworking’s of trial advocacy.

In order to more effectively cross examine many forensic experts, Mr. Baez finds it important to learn the science himself. That is why he has completed hundreds of hours of training in forensic science. Mr. Baez has studied DNA, Blood Pattern Analysis, trace recovery, forensic pathology and entomology, just to name a few.

Mr. Baez has gained extensive experience in successfully defending scientifically and medically intensive criminal and civil cases. He has worked on issues including shaken body syndrome, pediatric head injuries, sexual assault cases with medical evidence, and cases involving DNA evidence.